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Three Choices in Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

There is a wide variety of color and finishing options for kitchen cabinet refacing. There are both solid colors and a variety of wood grain finishes to choose from.

Some are very simple patterns and others are more decorative. The quality and cost vary according to the finish material used in refacing the cabinetry.

There are three basic materials used in most kitchen refacing projects. These are plastic laminates, wood veneer and rigid thermofoils.


Cabinet Refacing Materials

  • Plastic laminate is the least expensive option. It also has the lowest quality in overall appearance. The wood grains aren t very convincing. It s fairly easy to tell the difference between the laminates and natural wood, even from a distance.
  • Wood veneer looks more realistic than either plastic laminate or rigid thermofoil. It is the most popular choice for adding the beauty and warmth of wood to the kitchen. It is also the most expensive option in refacing. Wood veneer is available in nearly every wood tone. The most popular are maple, oak, birch and cherry woods.
  • Rigid thermofoils are the newest material used in remodeling cabinetry. These consist of fiberboard material covered with a pressure molded vinyl foil. There are fewer solid colors and wood grain choices in this material. The wood grains are more realistic in appearance when compared to plastic laminates at a distance. The look isn t as good when you are looking at them close up.

Rigid thermofoils are much more pliable than laminates. They can be molded into a wide range of styles. This gives more decorative options in the look of the cabinet doors. They can be molded into raised panels or arches. More detail can be added with this material. The cost is higher than plastic laminates, but lower than wood veneers.


Other Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Options

In most cases, the hinges and drawer tracks are not replaced. Depending on their condition, you may want to consider having them replaced during the remodeling. If drawers are no longer opening smoothly, it is a good idea to replace the tracks. Some people opt for new drawers, rather than using the old components with new fronts. The cost is higher, but not considerably.

Other updates can be easily done at the same time. This is a good time to replace the countertops. The old ones will need to be taken out and put back anyway. If the counters are in good shape, it s not a problem to put them back. If they are worn or not really what you want in the new kitchen, this is a good time to invest in new ones.

The sink is another consideration. It will also need to be taken out. Whether the sink is not in the best shape, or you just don t like it, replacing it at the same time won t add significantly to the overall budget. Sinks are generally not very expensive, depending on the type and material used. This is a good time to have a new sink installed. New sinks and counters will give your kitchen a complete makeover.

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