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Do It Yourself Bathroom Remodeling - Part 2

In our previous article we looked at the things you should consider in DIY bathroom remodeling projects.

In this part 2, we look at more detail of the specific things that can go mighty wrong in bathroom make-overs, and why you should consider removing this room from your DIY home remodeling to-do list.

For those who insist, we offer a DIY Task List and a Trade Task List

Why you shouldn't do the work on your bathroom-remodeling project yourself.

If you are planning to redesign your bathroom then you might be thinking about doing some or all of the work yourself. You might think differently when you see what is required to accomplish the task.

The size and complexity of your bathroom-remodeling project does depend on what you are planning to do of course. Many remodeling projects involve little more than a new coat of paint and a few new tiles. If this is the extent of your plans then don't be put off from doing the job yourself. You are probably very capable of carrying out this king of project and the only caution I would give you is please complete the job as quickly as you can to avoid the room looking a mess for a long time.

Lets assume that you are doing a little more than repainting the walls in your bathroom. A typical bathroom redesign involves replacing old worn out fixtures with new and possibly rearranging the floor plan to allow for new features or to make more space. You might even be thinking of removing or adding walls to make the room larger or even smaller if you are trying to reclaim some room for your bedroom perhaps. Below is a list of some of the tasks that you will need to perform to complete your bathroom remodeling:


Bathroom Remodeling Task List

  • Design and styling.
  • Complying with legal requirements.
  • Rip out old bathroom fixtures and dispose of them.
  • Building works - walls, widows etc.
  • Finish interior walls and allow to dry.
  • Install new bathroom fixtures.
  • Connect plumbing.
  • Connect electrics.
  • Tile walls and seal all round.
  • Flooring.
  • Rework when problems arise.

To deal with the above task list you are going to need skills in some or all of the following trades:


Bathroom Remodeling Trades List

  • Builder
  • Carpenter
  • Glazier
  • Plumber
  • Electrician
  • Flooring specialist
  • Plasterer
  • Tiler
  • Painter
  • Bathroom fitter

This is a lot to think about and what initially might have looked like a nice simple and straightforward job can quickly escalate into a big job for the home do-it-yourself remodeling enthusiast. Just imagine what you will do if something goes wrong!


Bathroom Remodeling Causes Bathroom Down Time

Remember that all the time that you are working on your bathroom you won't be able to use it. If you have another bathroom in your house that you can use then this isn't going to be such a problem but if you don't then you have to find alternative arrangements before you start on the project. Even with alternative arrangements in place you aren't going to be popular with the family if the project takes too long.

You will be faced with this problem no matter who does the work of course but it is a good reason for wanting to get the job done as quickly as possible and minimise the inconvenience to your family.


Be Creative In Your Bathroom Remodeling Project

So use your enthusiasm and energy to design the best bathroom that you can and hire professionals to do the manual work for you, you know it makes sense. If you need inspiration when designing your bathroom take a look at http://www.bathroomsremodeling.this-info.com/bathroom-remodeling-idea.php where you will find some tips on how to get ideas for your new design.

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