Most leaky houses need extensive recladding and replacement of studs. This provides the ideal time to change any design elements in the home. At this stage – having a good architect is paramount to the success of the project. In some cases, owners of leaky homes consider large building companies that claim to specialize in the repair of leaky homes – and the design is included in the overall price. Others take a more independent route, preferring to engage private architects and certified builders.

Selecting an Architect

In selecting an architect a number of factors come into play above and beyond normal considerations:

  • Experience – with leaky homes
  • Trust – a big issues once one has been stung with the huge expense
  • Communication – linked to trust
  • Relationships – with builders and suppliers

Most owners of leaky homes are not too big on trusting anyone in the building sector any more, so trust was a major issue for me. Not only did I have one leaky house process to go through – I had two!. I decided to use someone I knew from a previous build [better the devil one knows, as they say]. I felt that he had my best interest at heart, and would do everything in his power to make this project successful.

Design Considerations

Cladding – the cladding is a major design component and is often a very ‘dating’ element in the overall design. Choose carefully, as what may be in vogue now can be out of fashion in a very short time, leaving you with a dated looking home that is up for refurbishment before you have even paid off the mortgage you had to take to repair the home.

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