Selecting the right cladding is a major decision in the repair of leaky houses. The original house was clad in Harditek fiber cement board. I certainly won’t be going near that product again!.

I started looking at what products have really stood the test of time – and the conclusion was that there is nothing like good old pine weatherboard. It is cheaper than many ‘manufactured’ products, is easy to erect, has a good bond base for paint and has endured hundreds of years of the harsh New Zealand weather.

As we go through the design process and pricing we will consider other options that support the design aesthetic, such as:

  • NuWall – a permanent paint finish on aluminium ‘weatherboard look-a-like’ with its proprietary fixing system
  • SmartClad – an interesting product that claims to produce electricity from the cladding

Stay away from claddings that are known to be major contributors to a leaky home – regardless of what the manufacturers claim. There is the marketable value of your home to consider, and most buyers today will not touch a home with fibre-cement boards.
More on these later

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