Leaky House Repair Project

This project follows the process for repairing my leaky house in Auckland, New Zealand.

Leaky House Original State

Leaky House Original State

I purchased the house in 1997 and soon after discovered it had serious leak issues. During the course of negotiating the purchase of the house I insisted on meeting with the vendor to inquire about any history of leaks. Being a very architectural design with a number of flat roof sections and multiple large skylights there was concern. The bitch lied! So eight years of court case ensued which was finally settled with a payment to repair. At this stage, the leaky house syndrome was only just surfacing and my case was the first to hit the Courts. Unfortunately, the cost of repair was highly underestimated and by the time legal fees were deducted – the amount left would barely cover the cost of a new set of joinery, let alone replace the cladding.

The house also had restricted paved utility areas outside, so in the interim I decided to add a new deck and entrance way – areas that were remote from the main house structure that needed repair. Five years after – they too were rotting away. So another four years of Court case drama. This time through the Weathertightness Homes Tribunal. After the first round I was pretty up with the play so was able to negotiate my way through the process without legal representation.

The time has finally arrived when I am in a position to move forward with the rebuild – 14 years after discovering the leak issues. This is an account of that journey – the considerations undertaken, decisions made and the emotional roller coaster during the process.

I share this to help others – but if you have any comments or suggestions that will either help me or other readers, I welcome your input with much appreciation.


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  1. […] The reality is finally here – I can hide from it no longer. After enduring 14 years over 2 court cases and multiple leaky house related stress and illness I am finally embarking on the rebuild. I will be entering all project data into permanent blog pages – you can access these under the heading on the right Leaky House Project. […]

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