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Palliside Exterior Cladding Benefits

Wednesday, October 27th, 2010

This week I have been concentrating on updating my knowledge on basic building systems, and in particular the advances of modern technology that could make this home more sustainable and easier to maintain.

For instance, after suffering from the plaster perils I was keen to use only pine weatherboards in my new home. However, my interest has been peaked around the benefits of Palliside Weatherboards. Initially, I thought ” A Plastic House”- hmm not sure about that. However, after seeing the real thing in situ, it didn’t have the plastic fantastic look I was worried about. Being on a step hill along the side of an access drive to other properties, putting up scaffolding for painting is always going to be an issue.

The additional cost of Palliside cladding is offset by the faster construction [ due to the lighter product than timber], and there is no need for that initial exterior paint job.

This specially formulated PVC has been developed to withstand the super harsh UV levels in NZ and promises not to fade, chalk, or crack in any way.

Since painting is typically a 5 year cycle – this product definitely meets my 5-year criteria. However, I have yet to check out how this impacts those critical sealant points at the top corners of joinery. As these points still need to be coated every 5 years, I am not sure how one gets around this issue – will get back to you on that – or if you have the answer, please post a comment below.