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Getting Your Head In the Game

Friday, September 3rd, 2010

A big part of being able to manage getting through the rebuild of a leaky house is getting your head in the game – in the right way. One has to put all the emotions around the huge amount of money one is being forced to spend with no or little ROI, the anguish and anger at the two biggest parties at fault – BRANZ and Hardies at getting away totally scot free in this mess, the embarrassment of having to potentially downgrade your home to pay off the cost, the injustice of the whole thing – it all has to be put aside. Easier said than done – but essential.

One has to get ones head in the game in a positive way and focus on what can be done each day in four key areas:

  1. To move the project forward
  2. To make one smile
  3. To care for ones health
  4. To plan for life beyond the leaky house

Avoid talking about the project in negative terms to anyone – even all those good intending friends who are attempting to show sympathy and support – your world will become overly focused on the negative emotions surrounding the project. Instead, simply thank them for inquiring and say you would rather not ruin your day by talking about it and segue into a more positive subject.

Don’t think of the financial cost – there is nothing that can be done about that. Instead, focus on not paying in emotional costs, health costs and relationship costs. These are valuable assets in your life well worth protecting at least as much, if not more than your bank account.

Use mind tricks to keep yourself going – who cares if everyone else thinks you are away with the fairies. If it gets you through – do it. You can quickly regain your intellectual reputation after the project is finished.

Find every opportunity to smile – even when you wake up in the morning at 4am with your gut churning. Smiling seems to release hormones that have a calming nature and it is amazing how much more relaxed you feel.

Relax every chance you get – this is not a time to take on other projects in an attempt to divert your attention. Your body and mind need total relaxation. Even when you think you have it mentally covered – your body knows about your lie, and reacts accordingly.

Live one day at a time – none of us can be sure if we are going to still be alive at the end of the day, so there is no point worrying about tomorrow. And who knows – something good may just happen, even if you think your life at this moment is doomed forever.

Stay Strong

Leaky House Repair Project Update

Thursday, September 2nd, 2010

The reality is finally here – I can hide from it no longer. After enduring 14 years over 2 court cases and multiple leaky house related stress and illness I am finally embarking on the rebuild. I will be entering all project data into permanent blog pages – you can access these under the heading on the right Leaky House Project.

In these pages I will be sharing decisions around the selection of different materials and trade providers – builders, suppliers, etc.

The mere thought of going through this process terrifies me – but at least now I am terrified of reality, instead of the potential as it has been to date.

I have gathered my financial resources to cover this disaster – there are no more excuses. I will keep a log of this project from a personal perspective through these blog posts. I hope they help you, as much as your feedback and suggestions help me.

Signing off with “happy building” would be such a lie – so, instead:

Stay Strong