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Keeping Your Building Project in Order

Wednesday, June 11th, 2008

Often it is the simple things that get left out of planning a new home renovation. Like, what is the normal order of activity when building a house. We all get the standard – foundations, floor, walls, roof, exterior, but what about those interim tasks.

The general order of things:

  1. Excavations
  2. Foundations
  3. Concrete floors poured
  4. Framing constructed
  5. Roof on
  6. Windows fitted
  7. Exterior cladding
  8. Plumbing
  9. Wiring
  10. Insulation installed
  11. Doors fitted
  12. Interior lining installed
  13. Cabinets installed in kitchen, bathroom, laundry
  14. Tiling
  15. Final electrical and plumbing work
  16. Painting and finishing
  17. Floor coverings

If you work to this order you should be fine. When discussing items with your builder, ask them to indicate where in the process the action will occur. Keeping track of progress is much easier once you have a general high level expectation of the order of work.