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Google Jumping Into Sustainable Energy

Monday, February 18th, 2008

Google is preparing to invest hundreds of millions of dollars in finding cheaper, cleaner alternative energy sources. And they are walking the talk, with hhuge solar panels dominate its Californian headquarters, they are true supporters of sustainable energy.

The investment falls under the company’s philanthropic arm, US$20 million ($25.4 million) has already been committed to invest in start-up firms that research and develop solar, thermal and wind power as well as geothermal systems.

These three technologies were chosen as having the most promise of both reducing the overall cost of energy, and being capable of massive scale.

To date, the company has pledged US$10 million to eSolar [Pasadena, California-] to support research and development of solar thermal power, which concentrates heat from the sun to create steam and spin turbines.

It has also invested US$10 million in Makani Power [Alameda, California], which is developing high-altitude wind technologies.

Its particular interest in Enhanced Geothermal Systems [EGS] stem from the fact one can find find heat virtually anywhere. EGS is the ability to create power by pumping water into hot rocks in the ground rather than harvesting hot water already there. is also looking at energy transmission and storage, both in the US and world-wide.

All good news for homeowners!