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Little Things DO Count

Saturday, January 26th, 2008

I have just finished researching and creating a couple of new sections on RemodelingRenovations

Building Green
Sustainable Homes

I found it really interesting that there is a lot of talk about what each country is going to do, or is doing, and even some good incentive programs to help those install technology to improve insulation, energy management etc

The sad things is that there are so many small things that are being overlooked.

Housing infill – where trees are being indiscriminately felled, regardless of what impact they have on neighbors. Sure, there are often guidelines about big trees or protected species, but those less significant green belts have been filtering the air, providing shade and privacy, absorbing carbon, adding oxygen, maintaining the local ecology for years – and without warning the whole environment changes. I accept that trees and shrubs need to be felled to provide for the building – and each homeowner has the right to landscape as they wish – but I feel strongly that greenery within 2 meters of boundaries should be protected, at least until neighbors have been given the opportunity to comment.

Boom Boxes and Big Bases – noise control limits are not keeping up to date with technology. So often, we get our nights disturbed by party stereos where the level of the music is acceptable but the base just thumps through the whole house until 4am – so much so we cant even drown it out with the television

Big Pipes – sure the kids love their cars – but those noisy muffler systems that rage around the streets at 3am are hideous.

I may sound intolerant – but really I am not. I just don’t understand why so many people complain in conversations with each other yet do nothing about taking formal steps to get local council policies up to date with what is happening in the community

Small voices do count, and small things add up to big problems

So don’t just sit back, do something. Your neighbors will love you for it.