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Are You Suffering From Renovationitis?

Monday, January 15th, 2007

Hi, my name is Gail and I suffer from renovationitis.

This challenging illness means that I have been inflicted with a renovation against my will, and am now fighting the mental and physical symptoms of renovationitis. I caught this illness from an unscrupulous vendor who sold me a ‘leaky house’.

Leaky houses are now known to infect the owner with years of mental distress as they fight their way through court battles and rebuilding, crawling step by step to regain their health and the health of their houses.

Other sufferers from renovationitis have caught the illness following plans to remodel their homes. Remodeling is accompanied by hopes of larger more enjoyable living spaces. Renovations are more likely to be merely repairing what was once a building structure of good health. In many cases, during remodeling projects, building illness is found, and renovations must be added to the project.

There is no known cure for renovationitis, but those who have suffered from this illness, whether transmitted from someone else or self infected, are aware of the debilitating symptoms.

  • Extreme mental stress
  • Reduction of strength of bank balance from escalating costs
  • Marital and relationship problems
  • Chaotic living environment
  • Chronic court cases
  • Poor sleep or lack of sleep
  • Loss of weekends
  • Poor work performance
  • Obsession with lack of progress made in home rebuild
  • Tendencies to mental images of imparting extreme harm to ones builder or subcontractors
  • Loss of faith in the power of a contract
  • Reduction in communication skills – increasing problems making yourself heard to the builder

If you suffer from more than three of the above, then you are most likely suffering from renovationitis.

Many of these symptoms are shared by remodellers. The distinguishing factor is the severity of lack of control over the initial infection.

How to Cure Renovationitis

The only known cure for renovationitis is completion of the project and sign off of the compliance certificate.

Sufferers have found the following to be helpful in times when the symptoms are at their worst.

  • Learn everything you can about renovations from this renovations & remodeling site.
  • Keep your wine cellar well stocked. Chocolate is also known to help in milder breakouts.
  • Explain to family members that you will show times of extreme insanity and are not to be approached or reproached at these times.
  • Have an emergency contact number to your best friend on hand at all times.
  • Check up on everything – Trust nobody that the job will be done correctly first time.
  • Have a support group of other renovators [past or present] that fully understand how debilitating this illness is.

Remodeling Renovations Support Group

Members of the Renovations Support Group are all here to help you, so when things get really bad, or if you are unsure as to whether you are recovering or getting worse, then post a comment on this blog and we will all rally around to protect you. We welcome membership from other sufferers, builders, contractors, designers or anyone else connected with the renovation industry that may be able to assist our members. Membership is free. Just sign up at

Renovating Ranter

Welcome to Remodeling Renovations

Saturday, January 13th, 2007

Join me over the next 12-18months as I take on the renovations of my leaky house. As I venture through the process of assessing the best remedy for my leaky house I explore the options of repair or demolish and rebuild.

Following that decision I will explore the different materials and building techniques available today and determine which is the best combination of quality, weathertightness and value.

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